Einladungstexte zum Geburtstag auf Englisch

I’m not expecting any presents,
but if you’ll bring one, it’s okay,
I’m not awaiting many guests,
but if you’ll find some, on the way,
the door is open, all for free,
there will be cake and sure some beer,
please come next Wednesday, at three,
it is my Birthday and I’m here.

Dear friends, I want to celebrate
my Birthday just with you,
so please come all and don’t be late,
I’m waiting here for you.
Dear friends, I don’t need anything,
except your attendance,
the best present, that you can bring
is lust to sing and dance.

Next Friday is my Birthday,
I’m sure, that you already knew it,
we’ll celebrate it in any way,
and go together through it.

Please come next Wednesday at three
and will be sure, you will find me
exactly one year older,
but I won’t cry at your shoulder.
Please come next Wednesday at three
and I will give you warranty,
there will be a lot of fun,
until the next days‘ morning sun.

Mama will not be at home
and Daddy won’t be, too,
we can celebrate alone
and have a tea for two.
If you don’t like to drink tea,
we can have some beer,
next Friday around three
I expect you here.

It doesn’t matter, if it will be raining
or if the sun will shine,
next week I’ll celebrate my Birthday,
if you are there, I will be fine.
It doesn’t matter, if you bring presents,
or if you come with empty hands,
the only thing, that really matters,
is that we are forever friends.

Yes, it’s true, I’m getting old,
but I am not the only one,
time’s not made for us to hold,
but made to have some fun.
For my Birthday Mother makes
some of her fantastic cakes,
I will cook a lot of tea,
no nicer way for us to be.