Ostergrüße auf Englisch

I wish You a very happy and bright Easter!

Enjoy the warm spring sun and the blooming flowers trying to touch the sun, let the joy come to Your heart. Happy Easter to You!

The Lord sent his son down to earth so that mankind shall live. A happy and blissful Easter to You and Your family.

Let the joy of Easter fill Your heart, have a blissful Easter time.

We want to wish You a peaceful Easter and that Your heart may be filled with love.

May You celebrate the happiest Easter ever. Have a great Easter!

May You celebrate this day with joy, for Our Lord has risen! Happy Easter.

I want to wish You a happy Easter, may this day bring You new hope, new goals and fill Your heart with joy.

Love Yourself and love all others, may the spirit of Easter be with You always! Have a wonderful Easter.

I’m wishing You a peaceful heart and mind this Easter, may all of Your hopes and wishes come true. Have a lovely Easter.

We want to wish You a lovely Easter with peace and joy.

Feel blessed on this very day. Have a wonderful Easter and keep on inspiring others in the name of Our Lord who saved Us.

We want to wish You and Your family a very blessed and calm Easter time, time to relax and ponder, time to find new strength and time to embrace what has been given to You. All the best.

I want to wish You a very lovely Easter and that the sun will always shine in Your heart as well.

Have a wonderful Easter, this is the day Our Lord has been resurrected who died in Our name so We could be free from sin. A blessed Easter to You and Yours.